Is This You?

You’re Magnificent

Yes, you are but you may have trouble believing this. You’ve been successful in one or more areas of your life. You’re an over achiever, doing more than is expected of you at home and work. You are an expert and taking care of other people.

In your relationship, or your career or family you’ve been so busy taking care of people and doing a great job that you’ve lost track of who you are. You may find yourself tired and exhausted and overwhelmed, asking is this all there is? What now? You may be plagued by old patterns of people pleasing, perfectionism or procrastination. You’re ready for a change.

You may practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness or other self-help or holistic practices. You are on a path of personal growth and transformation. You’ve read self help books. You may have tried therapy or coaching before. You are willing to invest in your personal growth and development because you are worth it.

You might ask yourself:

• Should I go or Should I Stay in a relationship or a career?
• How do I ask for what I want without rocking the boat?
• How can I be fully in relationship and fully be myself?

Or you might wonder:

• How do I deal with my boss, coworker or employees?
• How do I deal with conflict and difficult people?
• How do I talk with my Mom (or my daughter)?

Or you may have even lost sight of what you want for yourself:

• How do I stop people pleasing and giving my power away?
• How do I get heard without others taking advantage of me?
• How do I gain clarity in who I am and what I want?
• How do I make decisions that are right for me?

What Do You Want To Create in the Next Chapter of Your Life?

• You want more out of life.
• You can ask for what you want.
• You can be in a loving relationship and fully yourself.
• You can communicate effectively and be heard and respected.
• You can achieve goals that are just right for you.
• You can have the Clarity, Confidence and Courage to create what you want.

You want to take action but you’re not sure what to do next?

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