Why do I offer a complimentary coaching session?

Think of the comp session as a test drive. You want to see if I am a good fit for you and I want to see if you are a good fit for me. We will be working together and dealing with some tough issues – and hopefully have some fun too. Coaching is relationship based. We need a chance to check each other out and make sure we are a good fit. I want you to be pleased with me as your coach and with your results. Getting to know each other first and making sure we are on the same page is a great way to start.

Consider one or more issues you would like to focus on or accomplish.

Click on the link below to schedule a complimentary coaching session.

What are your coaching packages?

Discovery Package

Ready to get your feet wet or to work on a very specific issue. 
Discover how Midlife Coaching benefits you. If you wish to upgrade after four sessions, your current investment applies to a larger package. 

Includes: 4 Sessions via Zoom.  Calls weekly or biweekly. Email support between sessions, Focused Homework to move you forward. Sessions to be used within 3 months.   $549

Confidence Builder

Time to own your power and take your life back.
Rediscover your values,
Let go of those negative self-defeating voices in your head.
Time for some self-care.
Time to own your super powers.

Includes: 7 Sessions via Zoom.  Calls weekly or biweekly. Email support between sessions, Focused Homework to move you forward. Can upgrade to Midlife Makeover Package. Sessions to be used within 4 months.   $895

Midlife Makeover Package

Time to love yourself and love your life!
Rediscover, Meaning and Purpose
Let go of what is holding you back.
Be bold, Be confident, Play big!
Create a plan for the next chapter of your life.
Make it happen!

Includes: 12 Sessions via Zoom.  Calls weekly or biweekly. Email support and brief calls between sessions, Focused Homework to move you forward. Sessions to be used within 6 months.   $1495

Note: Every client, every issue and every coaching relationship is unique.  There is no guarantee that we will cover all of the points stated above.  These are to give you some ideas of how coaching can go, what issues are possible to address.  Some clients are happy with four sessions and some clients stay with me for years as we deepen the work and their progress.  

What is your refund policy?

To keep things on the up and up, I want to be crystal clear about my refund policy so you will know what to expect. Please do not sign the coaching contract if you do not agree with this refund policy. Email me if you have questions. 

Refund policy

• A full refund is available after the first session (including that session) if you do not want to continue. However, you must advise me by email within 24 hours after the initial session. Failure to do so will result in that $150 will be deducted from the refund.
• Refunds are not available for sessions or VIP days not cancelled within 24 hours.
• If you fail to cancel a scheduled session within 24 hours (including the first session) and fail to call at the scheduled time, then that will count as a used session from your package and will not be reimbursed.
• If you book a package with more sessions and use a smaller number, say you book an 8 session package and only use four sessions, I will deduct the cost of the 4 session package and refund you the difference.
• There are no refunds if sessions remain unused after the time limit for your package has ended.
• If I must cancel within 24 hours, you will receive one free 30-minute coaching session. Limit one per client, per coaching package and this may not be redeemed for a refund.
• If you are not comfortable with this refund policy, please discuss this with me before signing your coaching contract.

If there are any areas of this policy that you are not comfortable with please advise me and do not sign the terms of service form.
If you have any questions please email me.