I haven’t been working with Amy very long but she almost immediately tapped into my fears and empowered me to start making positive changes in my life. What a gift.
JM, Indianapolis

What I appreciate about Amy’s style is her unique ability to see the core of my challenge or opportunity and provide insightful feedback that inspires me to creative and productive action.
JS, Washington

Amy Barnes is an amazing, insightful and loving coach who companions people through facing, feeling, and courageously creating what they most desire. She rocks! And thinking about her presence and companionship makes me beam with appreciation and delight.
RM,  St. Louis, Missouri

I experienced Amy as intelligent, creative, passionate, and generous in her sharing of those qualities. What more could you ask of a coach?
L.F., Hawaii

I’ve learned to stand up for myself. It feels good to be heard and I feel confident.
MH, Indianapolis

Amy is an open, caring, committed, tender-hearted ally.
LW, South Carolina

I didn’t know that change was possible, and now that I have worked with you, I know it is. I have been stuck with this issue for several years and now I have clarity on what to do.
Entrepreneur, Indianapolis