Amelia Barnes

Coaching Women in Midlife

Amelia Barnes, Coaching Women in Midlife
Inspiring Women in Transition to Create Their Next Grand Adventure

Amelia Barnes
Coaching Women in Midlife

Are you in the midst of change? Sometimes change comes gently. We feel a nudge to do something different, to be more or to make a change inside ourselves. Sometimes change is unwanted, divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, and even an empty nest comes with a loss. I want to support you to discover meaning and purpose, let go of what gets in your way and create a plan for the next chapter of your life, your next grand adventure. I am Amelia Barnes, and I coach women in midlife in the midst of transition.

With over 20 years of empowering women to make big leaps in life, love, and business; I inspire women to step into their power, and trust their inner wisdom to create powerful outcomes. I am a life coach in the sense that what I do touches on all aspects of your life. Most of all, I love empowering women to be their authentic selves, to be comfortable in their skin and THRIVE.

I have worked with women as both a psychotherapist and a life and relationship coach. My clients are successful women in midlife, like you, with a variety of life and relationship issues. They may feel they don’t fit in or have lost a sense of who they are to take care of others. Like you, they don’t want to upset others, yet they desire to follow their dreams, their passions.

Why I Do What I Do

As a child I felt the stork dropped me off at the wrong family, I just didn’t fit in. I majored in math, got an MBA, even worked for Xerox to please my family. As a recovering people pleaser, perfectionist and procrastinator,  I wanted to learn how to be myself and be in relationship.

My path is one of continued learning, transformation and personal and spiritual growth. I believe in the old adage “you can’t take a client where you have not gone.” As I have become more in alignment with my authentic self, I am happier, more confident and comfortable in being myself and connecting with others.  As a coach, I can do the same for you.

First as a Therapist...  My desire for authentic relationships and connection continued to grow. Twenty years ago I received a Masters, Magna Cum Laude in Marriage and Family Therapy. Since 1999, I have been a Licensed Mental Health counselor. I even taught divorce recover classes for six years and worked as a mediator and parenting coordinator.

Then as a Coach…  I discovered the Hendricks Institute and their Conscious Living and Loving Coaching program. I LOVE coaching. I LOVE seeing my clients as whole and complete just as they are and the focus on empowering clients to create the life of their dreams. I Love being a Life and Relationship Coach.

With My Mentor and Coach, Kathlyn Hendricks

With My Mentor and Coach, Kathlyn Hendricks, proudly displaying her new book, Conscious Loving.

My Coaching Training

I feel fortunate to have training both as a psychotherapist in Marriage and Family Therapy and Pastoral Counseling as well as certification in coaching from the Hendricks Institute.

My formal coaching training was with the Hendricks Institute in Ojai, California.  I appreciate their coaching style which involves play, laughter, movement and big shifts.  Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks have both been wonderful coaches and monitors to me.  I am currently an active member of the ICF International Coaching Federation and regularly attend our Indiana chapter meeting which allows me to continually grow my skills and expertise.

My Coaching Training

  • Certified Hendricks Big Leap Coach
  • Certified Conscious Living and Loving Coach, The Hendricks Institute
  • Leadership and Transformation Coach, 2 year advanced training, Hendricks Institute
  • Conscious Entrepreneur Program, Hendricks Institute.

Certified Gestalt Practitioner, 3 Year program, Indianapolis Gestalt Institute
Member International Coaching Federation



My Education

  • MA Marriage and Family Therapy, Christian Theological Seminary,
    Magnum cum Laude
    Theta Phi, International Honor Society for Theology Students
  • MBA,  Butler University
  • BA Statistics, Economics and Minor in Art, Hollins University

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Since 1999
Member AAMFT American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Fun Facts

  • Avid Gardener
  • Hiker
  • World Traveler
  • Indy Fringe Volunteer
  • Dog Lover
  • Earl Grey Tea devotee
  • Believes we are all here for a greater purpose
  • Life Long Learner
  • Introvert
  • Recovering People Pleaser

My Approach To Coaching

My Approach to Coaching

My coaching empowers women, like you to trust their inner wisdom, be their authentic self and thrive. It is body centered, playful and powerful.  Allowing us to make big shifts from where we are to where we most want to be.  You are the best expert on you on the planet.  yet somewhere along the way most of us tend to lose parts of ourselves.  We no longer trust our inner wisdom.  We lose sight of who we are and what we want and most of all, we lose sight of our own magnificence.  We are at our best when our inner wisdom and our outer actions match thus the name Inner Outcomes.

  1. Clarity – What do you really want. You vision in your heart of hearts. Not what someone else wants for you.
  2. Confidence to overcome the Obstacles that get in your way. Look at those outside ourselves but really focus on those beliefs, fears, and the way we get in our own way.
  3. Trust your inner wisdom, to believe in yourself and do what is right for you, now what others expect of you.
  4. Create a plan with consistent measurable action – baby steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

My job as a coach is to keep you focuses and motivated, to keep your vision clear when it gets muddied, to hold you accountable and to celebrate our successes,

My “work” is full of playfulness and laughter. As a Life and Relationship Coach, I use cutting-edge whole brain/whole body methods that allow for ease of quick personal growth and transformation. I love empowering people to be themselves, to trust their inner wisdom, and to create positive outcomes in all areas of their lives. I weave in my experience and training as a Marriage and family therapist, pastoral counselor.  Certified Gestalt Practitioner and Hendricks Leadership and transformation coach and Big Leap Coach.

What is Big Leap Coaching?

I often refer to myself as a Big Leap Coach,  a term coined by Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, based on Gay’s best selling book, The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

I use cutting edge whole brain, whole body wisdom to allow you quickly and easily to make powerful transformations not merely band-aid changes. Together we uncover the buried treasure inside you and take practical baby steps so you can shine.

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