What would it be like to flourish? Regardless of your current life situation and status, it is possible to wake up every day delighted to be you. This does not mean that every moment of every day you will be ecstatically happy.  But that you will have an overall sense of well-being and satisfaction with your life. Are you willing to flourish?

What Do You Want?

  • Do you want a great relationship, a hot date or to improve your marriage?
  • Do you want a job that pays the bills or a career that enlivens your soul?
  • Do you want a cruise around the world?
  • Do you want to protect the environment or have equal pay for equal pay for equal jobs?
  • Do you just want to enjoy a good meal with friends?
  • Do you want a few million in the bank so you can retire or live the lifestyle of your dreams?

You may have been so busy taking care of others or doing what needs to be done that you have given little time to think about what you want. Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology and author of thebestsellerr, Authentic Happiness wrote a follow-up book published in 2011 called Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well Being.

Before you read any further, I’d like you to take a moment and think about what you really want.
What’s under all those things you want?
What’s the common denominator?
What do you need to live your best life?

What Do You REALLY Want?

Of course, I’d love to have all of the above, but I don’t have a magic wand either for myself or for you. What I most want is to wake up every morning with a smile on my face, glad to be me, glad to live the life I’m living. At the most basic level, what does it take to have a life that feeds you and feeds your soul?

I have learned and I teach that happiness is an inside job. We are also not solitary creatures and our happiness, our joy and well-being, is also based on the world we create around us.

What Does It Take to Flourish?

Martin Seligman in Flourish establishes a theory for well-being. Well-being, while itself is not measurable, according to Seligman, is composed of five measurable elements referred to by the acronym PERMA.

  • Positive Emotion. This includes happiness and life satisfaction.
  • Engagement. Do you have an interest in learning new things?
  • Relationships. Are there people in your life you care about and who care about you?
  • Meaning. Is what you are doing with your life valuable and worthwhile?
  • Achievement. Accomplishments pursued for their own sake.

You Can Increase the Quality of Your Well-Being and Flourish

The good news is that no matter what your current state of well-being is, you can increase it. You are not doomed to an unhappy life because you had an unhappy childhood, you were born with a low happiness set point or your life is not currently going the way you would like. You are the person in control of your well-being. You can ask for help and support along the way (I’d love to be your coach and support you in the journey) but only you can make it happen. Ask yourself if you are willing to Flourish? If the answer is yes, I’d love to hear from you.

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