Butterflies are a wonderful symbol of transition and change.  Like the butterfly, many women, perhaps like you, are ready for a metamorphosis at midlife. Are you ready to reinvent yourself or even to enter the workforce at midlife? Would a career coach for women in midlife help you? I love empowering clients to discover what they want to do in the next chapter of their lives both in their careers and all areas of their lives.  For many years I have assisted my coaching clients in reinventing themselves and their careers in a way that gives them meaning and purpose and is in alignment with who they are. Would you benefit from a career coach for women in midlife?

As a Career Coach for Women in Midlife and Beyond

As a career coach, I break down what I do with clients in three phases (though as we work together there is of course overlap.)  The first is inner work, clarity, getting clear on who you are and what you want.  The second is confidence building tools, confidence, so you are not held back by fear, self-doubt and that nagging inner voice.  The third is preparation, putting yourself out in the world takes courage, courage to move forward to create the career and life you want.  It takes courage to believe in yourself and to see yourself as successful and gainfully employed.

The Inner Work

As a career coach for women in midlife, what do I do?  First, there is the inner work, gaining clarity in who you are, what you want, your values, gifts and talents, what you love and what drains you and what gives you energy.  You may be doing the work you do to please your parents, peers, friends or spouses. My clients often come because they want to gain clarity in what they want to do next. Many want to skip this step.  How can you find the ideal career if you haven’t taken the time to know you?  You are unique!  What is your brand?

Confidence Building Tools

The second part of the inner work is confidence building.  Based on life circumstances you might have lost confidence in your ability to succeed and to trust yourself to know what you want and what is best for you.  You may also doubt your ability to succeed. You may see yourself as less competent than others or have been plagued with the Imposter Syndrome.  Most of my clients are more talented and capable than they give themselves credit for but fear gets in their way.  We also focus on having the courage to go for your dreams.  You’ll develop or enhance your emotional intelligence (EQ) skills.  We’ll talk about how you sabotage yourself with your inner critic, perfectionism and desire to please.

The Outer Work

When you have gained clarity in who you are and what you want you are ready to going out and start looking for what you want. Before you apply for that ideal job you need to be prepared.

Preparation for Career Change

Putting the information and self-knowledge you have gained from doing your inner work and confidence building, we’ll define what you are looking for.  What do you want to do?  What is the corporate (or organizational) culture that is the best fit for you?  Do you want to work full or part time or even choose volunteer work? Will you need additional training or to brush up on existing skills?  How do you deal with conflict? Face it, reinventing yourself at midlife can be scary.

With this self-knowledge, clarity, confidence, courage and new tools in hand, you are now ready to pursue your new career and find your dream job.

Who Are My Career Coaching Clients?

My expertise is in empowering women, perhaps just like you, to reinvent themselves at midlife and beyond.  I love supporting women in changing careers or re-entering the work force. I want you to find meaning and purpose and fully use your gifts and talents in a work environment you love.  The practical part of me also realizes that sometimes women just need to make as much money as possible to pay the bills or to make retirement possible or even in retirement.

My Career Coaching Clients Are Primarily:

• Unemployed or underemployed women returning to the workforce after a divorce or being a stay at home mom.
• Corporate women who wish to be self-employed or switch sectors but not sure what to do.
• All those ready for a career change to find meaning and purpose, make a difference and/or work that aligns with their values and who they are now.
• Women in midlife and beyond.

How Can a Career Coach for Women in Midlife Support You?

I have done this for many years but have not called myself a career coach. As a woman in midlife, I’ve seen many friends struggle with mid-life career changes and financing their retirement. Now I realize that what I do overlaps with what a career coach does.  Nothing is constant but change.  Are you ready for a change, like a butterfly, you can transform and own your magnificence?  If you, or someone you know, is trying to figure out what to career wise have them give me a call or sign up for a free coaching consultation.

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and
the world’s deep hunger meet.
Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC