I woke up in a funk.  I was upset and pouting, feeling totally controlled by and at one with this little girl inside of me.  My head aches on the right side, above my temple with a slow dull persistent ache that doesn’t want to be consoled. The ache feels like it wants to get my attention and teach me a lesson instead.   I skip a breakfast with friends I normally love because I feel like bad company. I don’t want to listen to that whiney voice inside me and right now she’s the only one speaking. I’ll be good company when I shift.  I’m in a funk.  How do you love your inner funk?

I’ve had my morning Earl Grey Tea and have decided that just for today another cup or 2 or 3 is not a bad idea.  The funk part of me also wants ice cream, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Chocolate Garcia would be perfect right now. She LOVES ice cream.  I am quite certain that I am not the only one who wakes up in a funk now and then.

Who are you?

Say part of you is in a funk, in fact, you may feel that all of you is in a funk. As humans, we have this amazing gift to step back and observe ourselves.  Who is the part of you that is noticing you are in a funk?   The part of you that is in the funk would be your ego. (Although the persona or part of you that is causing this funk is one of hundreds that can cause you to have a funk.) The part of you that notices you are in a funk would be your essence, your higher self or Self, depending on your terminology. The goal of transformation is to live from your higher self, not from your ego.

The goal of transformation is to live from your higher self, not from your ego whose goal is to protect you and keep you small.
Amelia Barnes

My inner protector, my ego, seems to be particularly active after things have gone well.  Like she is telling me.  “Don’t get too used to that. You know it can’t last.”  And if I don’t listen, she makes sure I do by providing me with a headache or a backache. And she always wants ice cream!

I used to give her top billing and believe every word she says. After letting her rule for an hour or so, I took back the reigns.  She is a scared little girl part of me that is fearful there will not be enough.  She wants to protect me and take care of me.  That was fine when I was seven, but she is not useful now.  Plus I have resources, just like you do, that we did not have when we were four or seven or eleven or even older and ruled by parents, guardians, teachers and other authority figures who were often more interested in our being and doing what they expected us to do rather than allowing us to be ourselves.

What to do when your inner voice is throwing a tantrum.

The best thing to do and perhaps the hardest is to love your inner funk. Your inner voice is merely a younger insecure part of you that has been hurt or disowned or exiled because she didn’t fit in and wasn’t accepted by those in charge.  To be quite blunt that part of you was considered unlovable (or at least you thought so) by the adults in charge.  Since they fed and clothed you and you wanted their love, you discarded that part of you. Now at age 30 or 40 or 70 or whatever, if you have not made peace with that part of you, she acts out on occasion causing you distress.

Love Your Inner Funk

Just as you would love a small child, love that part of you that feels unloved.  Let her know that you are in charge, that she is safe now.  Talk with her, take her on a field trip.  Learn from her. As we make peace with those parts of ourselves that we have exiled or feel unlovable, we become whole and are free to be our authentic selves.

Next time you get in a funk, notice what part of you is throwing the tantrum.  What does she need?  Talk with her and most of all give her the love she so desperately needs.  Isn’t it time to love your inner funk?

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