Joy comes from catching fireflies on a summer night.  I’ve spent countless summer nights in the backyard, no Netflix or Amazon Prime back then. No worries.  No expectations. Life was filled with wonder and amazement. Life was wonderful. Life was simple.  Those may have been some of the most joy-filled hours of my life.

Are You Willing To Live in Joy Today?

Life is not simple.  We have worries.  We’ve been hurt, let down by ourselves and others. We have expectations.  We are too busy to spent a night unplugged and amazed by the wonder of fireflies. When will you live in joy?

Yes, you say….I will live in joy:

  • When I get my new job.
  • When I have that wonderful relationship.
  • When I earn enough money.
  • When I am on vacation.
  • When my ship comes in.

When. When. When? But what if you could live in joy now? If you could press a magic button and live in joy right now this minute would you do it?  Do you have the power to shift to a place of joy in this moment? Would you be willing to live in joy without having a new job, without having that wonderful relationship and without earning enough money whatever that number is to you?

But you say, I can only live in joy when…

Over the years I’ve worked with so many women who did not feel that they could have joy in their lives unless they were in a relationship.  “Lisa” wanted to be married more than anything in her life.  She felt that no matter what happened her life would be incomplete without a relationship.  She focused on finding a partner at the expense of furthering her education, working for a promotion at work – because after all this ideal partner would take care of her financially.  She even put doing things she loved on hold and only did activities where she thought she would meet that special someone.

You may feel that this is an exaggeration.  Lisa represents the many women I have worked with and many still single or divorced in midlife.  I get it I was once a “Lisa” too.

Life comes with no guarantees

What if we have it all backward.  What if living in joy has nothing to do with having all those things that we think are necessary.

There is no guarantee that we will ever have our dream job, marry our perfect partner or earn millions of dollars.

That does NOT mean we should give up our dreams and goals or stop putting forth the effort to make them come true.

Live with joy today

What if we could live with joy as our companion on this journey?

I’ve come to realize that the most important thing I can do every day is live from a place of joy.

Joy comes from the inside and is not dependent on what is happening outside us.  I can see you shaking your head saying that may work for some people but “you just don’t understand what is happening in my life right now.  No way can I be joyful.”

Joy comes with a sense of peace.  A feeling of being glad to be alive.  Choose life.  Go to bed each night savoring the good no matter how small.  Wake up in the morning, glad to be alive, and give yourself reasons to look forward to the new day.

We each have the choice, which we may never have even realized we did until now to live from our fear based ego or to live from our higher self.  Our fear based ego focuses on lack on all the things that are going wrong in our life.

Our higher self wants the best for us and sees good and possibilities in all things.

As Gay Hendricks says in his book, The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level, “Am I willing to increase the amount of time every day that I feel good inside?”  I think of that place of feeling good inside as joy.  And yes, I want to spent as much of my time living from that place of joy as possible.

Some fear that coming from that place of joy, of feeling good inside will leave them feeling passive and unmotivated to have or make changes in their lives. They feel they need to cling on to anger, unrest, unhappiness to motivate them to move forward.

Are you willing to live in joy?

I feel just the opposite, when I am at a sense of peace, of joy, I can see clearly what it is in my life I want to do. I also become clear about what I can do without pushing or pulling or draining my energy to try to make stuff happen.

We’ll talk in other blogs or workshops or even in person on how to make discover this place of joy within you.  Today I want you to wonder to consider the big question.  Ask yourself let the question roll around in your mind, body and heart.  You may get a yes or you may get a no.  Either is okay. Remember this may be a huge mindset change.

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to live in joy?”

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