Midlife is the perfect time for you to look at your life and see what is working and what is not. You know that life is precious. It’s time for you to make the most of it. Get yourself ready to thrive at midlife and beyond. It’s time to claim your power.

At midlife, we are ready to look at our lives and see what is working and what is not. We also need resiliency to move past those times when we feel stuck and mired in loss or anger or indecision.

We know that life is precious and we wish to make the most of it. We are ready to thrive at midlife and beyond. It’s time to own our power. Reclaim our power. As a coach, I empower women in midlife to claim their power and to thrive.

Claim your power

As a coach who empowers women in midlife to claim their power, my experience has been that most women are significantly more powerful than they realize. There’s a cultural expectation that women should take care of others, even at their own expense. Midlife is when you can fully emerge from caretaking and show up as the powerful women you are.

Seven keys to claiming your power

1. Be your authentic self. Know who you are and what you way. Allow your words and action to align with your values and who you are at your core.
2. Trust your inner wisdom. Listen to that still small voice that lives inside you. It is quiet and easy to override yet it knows what is best for you.
3. Clear the clutter. Clutter is more than just stuff. Clutter is all the incompletions in your life. Clutter is your thought, beliefs, fears and that noisy inner critic with a loud judgmental negative voice.
4. Love yourself. You are whole, complete, and ok just as you are. All those parts of yourself that you don’t like are a part of you.  It is in learning to love those unloved parts, looking at your shadow side that gives you strength and allows your humanity to shine through.
5. Release your people pleaser. Give your perfectionist a better job. It is exhausting trying to please others and be perfect. You are okay just as you are. You do need to gain others approval by doing, which is never enough.
6. Redefine your relationships. You are not here to be subservient to anyone else or have them be subservient to you. One sided relationships are a thing of the past. Relationships can be based on mutual support, interests, and respect.
7. Stop the drama. Take 100% responsibility for your life and for what you create. Living like a child or hiding your head in the sand or blaming others is no longer acceptable if you wish to claim your power.  If you choose not to do something and are willing to accept the consequences, fine. No more excuses. When we make excuses we give up our power.

Life can begin at midlife

At midlife, you are more than ready to take a look around. Do you like what you have created so far? Does your life need some minor tweaks or are you ready for a major change?

F. Scott Fitzgerald said: It’s never too late or too early to be whoever you want to be. Wherever you are, you can start now to claim your power and create the life you want. It’s time to live your life for you.