My garage is full of stuff. Our office is in the process of moving, and the excess furniture is in my garage. I still have way too many items from my mother, after her death a couple of years ago. It’s time to let go of the stuff and keep the love. On top of that, there is extra furniture that’s been in my basement since I downside houses over 15 years ago. And then there is the stuff my adult children no longer want or need. Does anyone want a huge plastic bin of assorted lego pieces, no instructions? The time feels right to let go and simplify my life. Simplifying Creates Space For Possibilities

One of our tasks at midlife is to simplify our lives. By midlife, we gain discernment on what we can leave behind and what no longer suits us or gives us joy. We can make room for what’s important and what brings us joy, making space for possibilities. I have always had trouble letting go of stuff. It’s time. Talking with my coaching clients and friends, I’ve realized that this is the year for many of us to get back to basics and simplify our lives. Time to clear the clutter. 

January is a perfect time for simplifying and clearing the clutter. Clutter comes in all forms. There are commitments made long ago that we wish to keep or no longer can keep. Then there’s the emotional baggage and grudges that still way heavy on us that would have been better dumped years ago. Clutter is stuck energy.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
Joseph Campbell

Simplifying create space for possibilities. Less stuff, less clutter, leaves room for more possibilities what you want to create in your life. What’s holding you back? One of my favorite resources and simplifying our lives and let it go what is holding us back is Embracing Conscious Simplicity: Through Awareness, Intention and Understanding, by friend and colleague Barbara Bougher and Teresa Worthington.

Embracing Conscious Simplicity is about so much more than organizing our clutter. It’s about simplifying our lives and loving ourselves in the process. Our stuff, our clutter, our thoughts, and actions are merely reflections of who we are at this point in time. Barbara and Teresa share both powerful personal and client examples of that inspire us into both reflection and action so we can simplify all areas of our lives.

Letting go of stuff, of old beliefs of all that no longer serves us is empowering. Isn’t it time to let go of what is holding you back? What would you like to create in your life? If not now when?