I have dirt under my fingernails.  I took a break to pull weeds, to see if any of my strawberries have turned red and what new flower is blooming.  Clearing the clutter, the  weeds,  allows the space for the plants to grow. Gardening delights me, grounds me and makes me smile.  Gardening is my spiritual practice.  As a young child, I followed both my grandfathers in their gardens. Nothing grounds me more or makes me feel more alive than being in my garden. I love the miracle of putting a seed and watching it grow. The seeds are so different:  tiny flat lettuce seeds,  smooth round radish seeds,  big, bumpy, round beet seeds and of course the acorns.  I never fail to be amazed that the final product is programmed into such a tiny package.  Yet the end result varies so much by the weather, the type of soil, the rainfall and watering.  The final plants, just like us are a result of nature and nurture.

Unlike The Plants We Have Choices

We are products of both our nature, our genetics: and nurture, how we are raised.  Unlike the plants we can make decisions in how we turn out.  We each have a unique temperament and a unique mixture of talents, gifts, desires and personality.  We can make changes in ourselves, in our beliefs, in how we treat ourselves and others, in how we choose to use our gifts: and how we choose to express ourselves in the world. What will you choose?

The plants are completely at the effect of nature,  both as seeds and in their environment.  We as humans,  unlike the plants can control what happens.  You can choose how you continue to grow.

Clearing The Clutter

Just as the seed has already determined what it will be.  An oak seed will only produce an oak tree.  A lettuce seed will only grow lettuce not an old tree.  The oak seed without proper nourishment and choked out by invasive species and lack of nutrients such as enough rain or sun will either not grow to its full glory or die.  Clearing the obstacles to growth, pulling the weeds allows the tree to grow.

We as people are like that.  When we are kept small but the clutter that gets in our way we stay small.  The obstacles maybe fear, lack of faith in ourselves or an inability to see and trust our own magnificence.  When we clear the clutter, those inner and outer obstacles, we can grow into our full potential.

Time to Own Your Magnificence

As a Life and Relationship Coach, I consider myself a grower of people,  a transformational mentor,  empowering people to be the best they can, to believe in themselves and have amazing relationships.   Yes, you are an unrepeatable miracle.  You deserve to have an amazing life.

We as people come with the core of who we are.   In some our best traits have been allowed to nurture and to put forth fruit.  In others we feel like we have lost our way or lost a part of ourselves.  Our essence qualities can be uncovered like buried treasure.  Transformation is not turning ourselves into something we are not but finding who we are and growing ourselves to play big and be our best possible selves in areas of our lives.