My daughter called asking me to send her a pair of sandals, as I went down to the basement to find them, I was not pleased to find water on the basement floor.  Today I have no water.  My home in Indianapolis is served by a well and septic system. The water from the well is pumped into a tall bright blue 32-gallon holding tank inside the house and then goes through my water filtration system getting rid of the rust and other heavy metals and suffer in my water.  That water tank has a leak and is now empty.  Its former contents are on my basement floor equally divided between the cement floor and the carpeted area.  Opportunities for personal growth are all around us.  Sometimes they come in the form of a leaky water tank.

Life is filled with unexpected turns and diversions, some welcome, others not.  My leaky water tank is not a welcome diversion.  Repairs and replacements are all a part of the deal when we decide to own a home.  And the tank had long outlived its seven year warranty.  Home maintenance is part of the agreement I made when I bought my house.  I clearly new repairs were part of the deal.

Love Lessons Learned from a Leaky Water Tank

When we make an agreement do we look at the whole picture?  When people get married, it is estimated that they know 15% about each other and make assumptions about what they want to be there for the other 85% instead of knowing what is there.  Many women tend to see a man as a fixer upper opportunity,  instead of accepting what is both the good and the bad.

When we accept a job or choose a career do we know both the upside and the downside of our chosen profession?  Can we tolerate those parts of the job we don’t like that go along with the whole package?

Can we accept all of ourselves, the parts we like and the parts we don’t like?  Sometimes a client will say I did that, but that is not who I am, but if that is not a part of you are, then how could you have done that?  We are all those parts of ourselves:  the parts we like and the parts we don’t like.  We can celebrate our strengths, yet we also need to make peace with our weaknesses.

The biggest lesson was a reassurance that I do not have to face life’s difficulties, no matter how small or how large alone.  Thank goodness for my daughter that called. It is okay to ask for support. Thanks to the friends who offered me support and answered my plea for advice – I’m pretty good at knowing what to do about many home maintenance issues but a leaking water tank was not in my repertoire.

I feel supported. I appreciate living in a country and in a place where my need for water is easily met when over 10% of the people in the world do not have running water and 2.5 billion people do not have any type of sewage system.  I particularly appreciate my plumber who is currently in the basement replacing my big blue Wellxtrol WX 203 with another one with that same seven year warranty.

Next Action Step:

What is an area of “maintenance” that you would benefit from taking care of in your life?  Do you have incompletions hanging over you that drain your energy or have you not kept a commitment or an agreement that you made?

What is an easy first step that you could take today?

Love Yourself: Love Your Life

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