Rhonda Mills, pictured above with Amelia Barnes,  incorporates her gifts for movement, dance and spirituality in all she does. Fourteen years ago Rhonda deliberately set out on a journey to fully be herself. As a Yoga Teacher, Coach, and Playshop leader and fellow Hendricks  Big Leap Coach, Rhonda exemplifies being a person of Courage. It takes an act of courage to fully be yourself, to create what you most want in your life, to make a difference in the world and to have amazing relationships. Courage can be as simple as having the courage and the willingness to do one thing different.

When Rhonda was pregnant with her first child, she realized that she wanted “to leave a legacy for her children that was the real me.” Her divorce fourteen years ago confirmed that she was “ready to discover and be myself, whatever that meant. I was ready to live my life, not somebody else’s idea of what my life should be.”

“My lowest points were before I understood how important it was to commit to be myself. Everything is possible in the way of change. I think change happens when we tune into and connect with the power and the longing of our hearts.” Rhonda describes change as a process that starts with a longing. The path to turning this longing into a reality may be filled with obstacles. Whether it is over weeks or months or years, change happens. Rhonda adds, “What a celebration for all of us that I or any of us can change. We can create.”

“When I feel alone, disconnected and by myself that is definitely a low place for me. I feel this journey is both a solo journey and one with mentors, support and connection. I think that we humans are wired for connection. We need to know that we are not alone.”

In St. Louis, Rhonda offers classes in physical yoga, breath, meditation, and coaching. Rhonda says, “The key to our hearts and living authentically is integrating our body sensations and tuning into our inner landscape. This a key part of all the work I do. Movement brings me joy. My spirituality is important to me. Spiritually is in the possibility that change is possible. I find that being myself and bringing myself into my relationships is being spiritual. That’s what that is.”

“I have changed my life.” Rhonda values the mentors, coaches and workshops that have supported her along the way and feels she is of service as she shares what she has learned with others. “ I am doing work I love. I have precious friendships where I feel met and loved. I have created a life that I love and that means something to me.”

Rhonda’s soon to be released book is entitled: The Heart’s Gift. You may contact Rhonda at http://www.transformationplayground.com.  She also has CD’s available for meditation and personal growth in her Simply Live & Evolve Series.

Are You Willing to Have the Courage to Be Yourself?

I admire Rhonda for her courage to fully be herself, to live life authentically and with integrity. Rhonda has created a life she loves. All of us can have that courage.  All it takes is a willingness and the courage to be yourself.

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