We’re impatient.

We take action and we want results NOW!  We don’t want to have to do it over and over and over again.  Whether we’re trying to lost those extra pounds, close a big deal or turn around our relationship or find our true love, all take time.  Most of us do well for a while.  We’re excited about the potential, the possibility.  We start a new project with enthusiasm and excitement.

We Get Discouraged

But then we’ve done what it takes we may seem only a little closer to our goal or maybe we haven’t seen any progress at all. I love to garden.  Some seeds seem to come up almost the day after they were planted – and some take weeks – so long that we think they aren’t going to come up at all, we want to stop watering stop nurturing and taking care of them because it seems like there is no hope of them germinating.  I love the word germinate.   Germinate has two meanings.  The first is related to the garden and those seeds:  begin to grow and put out shoots after a period of dormancy. The second and more relevant to us in our day to day life is: come into existence and develop: the idea germinated and slowly grew into an obsession.  

Our Efforts Need Time to Germinate

Our efforts take time to turn into results.  They need to germinate, but we’re impatient during that period of germination.  Imagine the roots of the seed growing, first swelling as they are watered,  then tiny roots bursting forth, then taking hold and the seed starts sprouting growing a shoot that will eventually break through the soil but can still not be seen above the ground.  So much is happening beneath the surface, but we can’t see any results yet.

We’ve lost the hope and excitement and that surge of optimism. We feel discouraged,  frustrated.  Why bother.  This will never work, we tell ourselves.  We’re ready to turn our back on the whole thing. Just when the seedling or the success of a project we are working on is about to come to fruition.

Discouraged?  Love Yourself.

What could we do instead?  Imagine putting a drop of love on all that discouragement and frustration.  Love yourself for all your efforts.  Realize that you are in this for the long haul.  You have what it takes to succeed.

Love yourself for being normal, for feeling all your feelings of fear and discouragement and frustration.  You can do a check to make sure you are still doing your part. You had reason to believe that when you started the efforts, these were the right efforts to get the results you wanted.  You may doubt yourself.  You may want a second opinion.  Working with a life coach when you feel stuck or discouraged can make a big difference and give you the boost you need to follow through.

When you love yourself enough to carry on despite those nagging voices, you are on the pathway to success.  Loving yourself is no matter what is as necessary to your grown and success as sun and water are to seeds in the ground.  Just as those seeds need time to germinate, your ideas and efforts also need to time to germinate.  Keep going; you are worth it.

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