Most of us have settled for so long we don’t even realize we’re doing it. We stuck in a box of our own making. We’ve learned to tone down or even give up our dreams completely. We don’t believe we’re worth it. We believe other people would judge us, or it’s just too late, or we’re not that talented, or you have to be special to make a difference. Set your goals high, own your magnificence.  Try these seven tips to reach your goals. Make your goals big.  Make them a strectch/  ake them bodacious goals!

It’s never too late! If not now when? My primary goal, as a life coach, is to empower clients to step into their power, to own their gifts and talents, abilities and dreams. What if you allowed yourself to be the best version of you? What would you be capable of creating?

What do you need to make your goals, your dreams,  come true?

1. Get out of your comfort zone.

A bodacious goal is not doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. When we stay in our comfort zone, our comfort zone shrinks over time. I’ve set some fitness goals and work goals that are out of my comfort zone.  They are big goals,  not small.  Most of us set our goals too low, not too high.   Set your goals high.

2. Ask for support.

A bodacious goal is big enough that you need to ask for support to make it happen. My walking buddies encouraged me to stay fit. Maybe your help needs to come in the form of a cheerleader, a babysitter, a virtual assistant, an accountability partner or a life coach. From one of my walking buddies, I learned about pacing partners. Walk with someone who walks – or runs slightly faster than you do and you’ll pick up the pace too.

3. Make the goal yours.

We have lots of expectations from our parents, spouses, friends, and bosses. Others expect us to do certain things with our lives. We even have expectations of our own. We have expectations that we SHOULD do something to please another or to fit in. What would you do if you could not fail regardless of what others think or expect?  You have clarity in what you want to do and what is right for you.

4. Own your magnificence.

Don’t be afraid to shine.  Stop playing small. It’s time to up your game and stop being invisible.  Don’t hide your gifts and talents, use them.  Share them. Enjoy them.  What are the gifts and talents you most enjoy using?  What can you do to make a difference in your life and the lives of others?  You can own your magnificence and thrive.

5. Do something that makes you smile.

When we think about our bodacious goals, we get excited. We smile. We want to get up every morning and pursue it. There is nothing else we would rather do; we may even feel like this is what we were born to do. Pursuing a bodacious goal may be like waking up out of a trance.  Feel alive, vibrant and energized.

6. Be the best version of you.

Being the best version of you is, in fact, a radical move. Others may want to keep us small, so they can be comfortable staying small. Knowing who you are and how to best use your gifts and talents is radical. Others may wish to define you and keep you playing small. Everyone is capable of doing something BIG.

7. Befriend your fear.

Take a risk. A bodacious goal will cause that little negative voice in their back of our heads – yes everyone has at least one, that says you can’t do it. The gremlins, those voices want to keep you safe and small, to keep you from playing big. No one is immune from that fear. Those who are successful have learned not to let their fear have the last word. They are much more interested in what can happen than those negative voices keeping them small.

Surround yourself not with naysayers but with others who are willing to step forward and let their light shine. After all, you weren’t put on this earth to play small, were you? You can reach your goals. Isn’t it time to own your magnificence?

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Photo Credit: gurdonark via Compfight cc

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