What keeps us from being the best version of ourselves and creating a life that is full of meaning and purpose and passion? Why does life disappoint us?

If you actually accomplished your goals – you do have goals don’t you – would you be happy – or would you still feel that your life was empty missing something?

There are seven basic reasons why we limit ourselves, why we create goals that keep us boxed in our comfort zone instead of bodacious goals that allow us to thrive and to grow into the best possible versions of ourselves.


We undervalue ourselves.

We fail to see our greatness, our strengths our talents. We dumb down who we are and what we are capable of. Maybe when we were small we were told we couldn’t dance or draw or we weren’t that smart. Time to stop believing those old stories. What if you could allow your brilliance to shine?

Problem #2
We limit our wants.

We stay inside our comfort zone, after allowing ourselves to think about what we most want might upset the apple cart. We live life a limited version of ourselves. We either feel we are not worthy or we have learned in some way to downplay our greatest wants and desires so we don’t believe they are possible and even stopped thinking about them. It’s like we’ve fallen into a trance. Sleep walking through life, accepting the status quo. We don’t know what would really make us happy.

Problem #3
We don’t ask for support.

We don’t want to burden on others. Too many of us who felt we had to do it all by ourselves. We were there to support others but failed to understand that is was also okay for those others to support us.

Problem #4
We believe in our limitations.

We believe in our fears and allow them to control us, instead of our strengths and possibilities. We believe we’re not worthy, not good enough that there is something wrong with us. We allow our fears to stop us.

Problem #5
We let other peoples’ opinion of us define us.

We care way too much about other people’s opinion of us. We focus on what other people want of us instead of what we want for ourselves. We are afraid of being judged. We are afraid of not fitting in, not belonging.

Problem #6
Perfectionism, People Pleasing and Procrastination

One or more of the three P’s binds us: Perfectionism, People Pleasing, and Procrastination. Perfectionists either work forever trying to make something perfect driving themselves and everyone around them crazy or they give up and do nothing. People pleasers focus on what others want of them instead of what they want for themselves. Procrastinators (often perfectionists in disguise) wait until the last minute so less is expected of them.

Problem #7
We stopped dreaming.

We stopped dreaming, stopped believing in miracles and stopped believing in ourselves. Young children love to daydream, to have creative and imaginary play. We loved being a superhero or a firefighter or a dancer or marrying the prince of our dreams. We believed we could grow up and do anything until some grown up whether we were 4 or 14 or 24 told us we couldn’t and we believed them.

I know I’m not the only one who at one point or another stopped believing in themselves and started settling for less than they desired.

2015 is the year to stop making excuses and living a life. Time to make some bodacious goals for yourself and make them come true.  Isn’t it time to find your purpose and dream big?  You’re worth it.