I just want to find my shoes.  Its 6:30 at night and I left the house for a very early meeting with third shift employees at 5:00am.    I’m tired.  I have dozens of pairs of shoes but I want my favorite walking shoes to walk the dog on this beautiful October day. In this moment I don’t have a clue where they are.  I found a pair that will do and we’re off, arriving home just before it gets dark.

What’s a “Landing Place?”

I want to find my shoes, my glasses, my car keys and the book I’m reading.  I don’t want to waste any more of my precious time looking for the things I can’t find.  I want to be organized.  In organizing lingo, the term is landing place.  I want a place for the items i most use “to land”  to know that every time I put them down, I put them down in the same place and I can retrieve them in the same place.  A landing place can be a basket for shoes or a hook by the door for keys or a pretty container for electronics and their cords.  A landing place could be a tray on a nightstand for glasses and a cell phone.  A laundry basket can hold newspapers or magazines until they make there way to a recycling container.  Even my dog’s thyroid pills need a landing place. What is it you spend time looking for?  Where is a logical place to put it down and to retrieve it.  Put a container or a hook on the wall to hold it.

I want to be organized.  I want to be able to find what I want when I want it.  To be organized means that times must have a predictable home.  A landing place.  Just notice what do you spend your time looking for?  Go find a landing for it.  The best landing place may be where it is right now.

Day 9 and it back to the kitchen sink.  Tonight I don’t think I can even handle twenty minutes of kitchen clean up so I’ll put the timer on ten minutes.  I always feel better when the kitchen sink is clean..

Day 9 in 31 Day to Organize (Unclutter ) Your Life

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