Butterfly, photo by Amelia Barnes, Life and Relationship Coach, Indianapolis, INToday is Day 25 in Unclutter Your Life in 31 Days, yet due to a family emergency, I got off track derailed and spent a couple of weeks out of town.  So here I am back.  My 93 year old Mother died,  as I gave her eulogy, I thought of all the wonderful lessons I learned from her:  the value of education, the importance of living life to the fullest, making each day count, the value of fully being yourself and of course making a difference and leaving the world a better place!  She gave fully of herself and made the world a better place.  I am proud to say she was my Mother.

My Mother however grew up during both the depression and World War II.  As a result she learned to save everything because you never knew when you might need it.  In the vernacular, my Mother would have been considered a hoarder.  She loved antiques and books and china.  After her antique shops closed as did her antique book shop, she brought everything home.  The house was overflowing.

My brothers and I have started clearing out her house.  I’m happy to report that many of the same guidelines and techniques that worked with me in my house also worked well at my Mother’s house.  We started with the kitchen – a friend cleaning out the refrigerator and I washed dishes.  My brothers started clearing out the paper and the stuff we needed to sort through first.

Start with the kitchen sink,  clear a path and put like things together served us well. We actually made significant headway much quicker than I thought we would.

For all my Mom’s amazing qualities,  I am saddened by the amount of time and energy it took her to maintain all “the stuff.”  She loved it and she loved her home.  That was her life and this is mine.  I now see first hand how her lifestyle has affected me and my brothers both for the better and then for the worse as we all share a certain amount of disorganization.

Recommitting to Decluttering My Life

I am now doubling my efforts and recommitting to decluttering my life, to no longer have my own disorganization and clutter have an effect on me or in any way control my life.  There is nothing wrong with having stuff and having collections. Enjoy your collections,  may they delight you and bring you joy.  Just make sure you are controlling it and they are not controlling you.

Now back to decluttering,  yesterday was laundry day.   Today, I am sorting clothes and bedroom closets.