No, this is not my kitchen. I am confessing to one of my most embarrassing issues. I am not organized. Ironically I have fooled many people because I manage to get their stuff done. But lots of stuff falls between the cracks. I am disorganized. I own it and I don’t like it. It’s time to do something about it now! Hence the 31 day project to Unclutter Your (and my) Life. I’m even posting this a couple days early so you can get prepared to join in. Then November 1, we can both take stock of what worked and what did not work for each of us. We can celebrate!

What would your life look like 31 days from now if you took the Unclutter Your Life in 31 Days Challenge? Imagine your life clutter free. I have declared October: Unclutter Your Life Month. As I complained to my fellow Hendricks coaches. Celeste and Rhonda about my love of writing and my lack of energy and time to write, which I love, a new project was born.  What if I challenged myself to unclutter my life, to see if I could do it and to write about it?   I picked the month of October because it has 31 days – every day counts.  So I invite you to join me to actively participate in fact to 31 Days Unclutter Your Life.

I’ve already realized the project scope, to totally eradicate clutter in 31 days, is for a born disorganized person, unrealistic.  So I have started with a couple of compromises.  Remember the 80- 20 Rule.  Well I am going for 60%.  I will consider the month a success if:

1.  I have made a big sort and can find everything in my house.  Not the detailed pretty sort.  Heck, I could spend a month alone on my filing system or my kitchen, I know I’ve tried.  I get bogged down in the details.  I’m sending my perfectionist on Holiday – she can come back later – she’s great for proofing my writing for instance.

2.  I want a system to maintain the goals I have accomplished. Maintenance is hard for me.  I can have the best filing system in the world but if I never use it, it’s no good. The kitchen needs to be cleaned everyday and my beloved dog is always shedding.  I want to know that if unexpected company drops by I will never be embarrassed again by the condition of the main rooms of my house. You know how people’s houses look on TV shows where everything is always neat and orderly.  I want that.

3.  I want a way to deal with all my incompletions and follow ups, that’s simple.  That I’ll actually use.  So things don’t fall through the cracks.  I don’t have to have completed everything in the next 31 days but I want to know that they will get done.  It’s like setting up a simple home and business project management system.  After all I am the project manager for my life.

What would a successful 31 days of uncluttering look like for you? Think about it. Let me know. Let me know what’s worked and has not worked for you in the past. What are your biggest clutter problems. Join me for 31 days of clearing the clutter.

Are you ready for a change? What could you accomplish if clutter was no longer an issue in your life?