When my Mother was alive, I would always stop at The Big Peach, a staple in southern Indiana along Highway 41 as long as I can remember. Open only in the summer.  I would buy peaches and a freshly baked peach pie. I love peaches, their fragrant smell, the soft fuzzy skin, and the juice it runs down your hands and face. Nothing is better than a fresh summer peach from The Big Peach. 

My Love of Peaches

My love of peaches started young. My grandparents had a peach tree as the focal point of their backyard. My grandpa dug a moat around it, even giving it a cement sides and bottom and filled it with goldfish just for me. His frequent coughing spells and needing to rest were not from growing old, but from the back lung disease, he picked up his coal miner. That peach tree and my Grandpa were my frequent summer companions. Some years we had peaches but other years a late frost or the bugs claimed most of the peaches. It didn’t matter. The aroma of the peach tree and summer mixed with the outside air was better than any perfume.

I miss my Mom and the peaches and fresh peach pie right out of the oven. To me nothing says summer love better than fresh peaches and peach pie. Peaches and even the thought of peaches brings me joy.

Appreciating What Is

Savoring, appreciating what it is, always makes the moment sweeter. Sustained happiness comes from valuing what is.  We tend to rush from one task to another, focusing on what’s lacking what’s not done instead of appreciating the sweetness of the moment. We listen to the voices in her head that say, “we’re not enough, we don’t have time.” We shortchange ourselves. We focus only on achieving our goals instead of enjoying the journey. Then we wonder why happiness eludes us. It’s July. It’s summer. Time to stop and enjoy the sweetness of life.

Enjoying The Sweetness Of Life

What good is reaching our goals if we’re not happy, if we don’t enjoy life? Happiness doesn’t come from checking off our to do list and completing major projects. Happiness is available to each of right now in this moment. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Most folks are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Savoring the moment, appreciating what is, helps us to gain clarity on what’s most important. Take a breath, what can you enjoy and appreciate right now in the moment?  For me today, right now, in this moment it’s a ripe juicy peach.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc