If six frogs sat on a Lily pad and one decided to jump off, how many frogs would be on the Lily pad? Conventional reasoning says five: six minus one equals five. Some would say there no frogs on the Lily pad because if one jumped they all jumped. The correct answer is six. One frog only decided to jump off. The frog did not turn this idea into an action. There’s a big difference between making a decision to take an action and taking the action.

How many good ideas have you had that you have not acted on? You may have thought long and hard about the decision but never acted upon it. Ideas without action are dead. Some ideas you may wish you had acted on and some others you may very glad that you did not. Some of us act too quickly without first thinking things through, but the vast majority of us stop at the idea stage. We may even make a decision yet we fail to turn the idea into action. What would it be like to turn your idea into reality?

Clarity. The first step to turning your dreams into reality.

Clarity turns your dreams into achievable goals. We cannot turn an idea into reality without first gaining clarity in what we most want. What would happen if you went to a restaurant and said, “I’m hungry? Bring me something I’ll like?” Your waiter would have no clue what you like to eat and would most likely be quite frustrated. Think of the universe as your cosmic waiter, capable of assisting you in creating what you most want. What directions and insight are you giving? As a life coach, I would assist you in gaining clarity in what you want to create either in your relationship or your career or other areas of your life. This may start with the process of self-discovery. We would look at who you are now. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Your skills and talents? Most importantly I would ask you what are your dreams? What do you want to create in the next chapter of your life?

Action. The secret of turning your dreams, now your goals into reality.

No dream can ever become a reality without first taking action. It’s as if there is an invisible line between your ideas and decisions that exist inside you and what you choose to do or create in the world. The way you set goals, take action and even what gets in your way are all very personal. Fortunately, some commonalities exist. The first step is often the hardest. To paraphrase a physic’s principal: an object in motion is much easier to move than an object not in motion. The first trick is to get the object in motion. Spend the next fifteen minutes doing something, anything that will move you closer to your goal. Then, repeat daily.

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

As a life coach, I can be your champion and biggest cheerleader. I can support you in gaining clarity in your goals, what you want to create in the next chapter of your life and the courage and confidence to see your dreams come true.