Ten reasons why we fail to achieve our goals. by Amy BarnesWhether you want to create the perfect piece of art such as the Chihuly piece to the left in a picture I took at the Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, manage a business, write a book, get a promotion or have a wonderful relationship;  we each at times have trouble reaching our goals.  So what are some of the top ten reasons why we fail to reach our goals?

1. The goal is not ours.

We are doing do what others expect of us not what we have chosen to do. Instead we can choose clarity on what we most want and then follow our passions and dreams so that our goals have meaning and purpose for us.

2. Poor time management

We have not set aside enough time to complete the project and we have no clue how long the project will take.
Instead we can start keeping track of how long it takes us to complete various activities and set aside enough time by blocking our calendars to complete them.

3. Problems breaking project into doable pieces

We feel overwhelmed and do nothing. Instead treat even small projects with project management skills. Most projects have a clear beginning, middle and end.

4. No clear agreement on what to do.

We leave meetings with our team or client, something needs to be done but what? What needs to be done, by whom, by when and what and how. You may think one thing and others something else. Instead never leave a meeting without clear written action steps and agreements on who will do what.

5. No clearly defined next action step.

You know what the end result should be but what do you do next? You may feel overwhelmed the project is too big and to much to tackle. Remember the old joke – how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time – or the to paraphrase. The journey of a million miles begins with one step. What kind you do in the next fifteen minutes. When you stop work on a project leave a post it note with the next action step when you return to the project.

6. Goal has no real meaning or purpose.

The goal may be something that at one time we were interested in, but we don’t feel any commitment to seeing it though. Instead consider parking the project for now and taking it off our to do list temporarily or permanently. As our priorities shift so do our goals.

7. Procrastination.

One of my personal favorites. We keep putting something off until the deadline is almost here. Because so little time is left the quality of the finished project might be much less than what we would like or we may miss the deadline entirely. Instead break the project into small bites, allow enough time to complete it and schedule it on you calendar.

8. Perfectionism.

It’s got to be just right. I can’t let the project go. There is always something else that needs to be done. Instead set a firm time deadline or amount or time you will give to the project. Let it go – have someone else review if you are afraid it needs more work and celebrate the completion.

9. No commitment. No motivation.

When we are interested we do things when we feel like. When we are committed we do things whether or not we feel like it. Instead:  Be Persistent. Are you intrested in committed in completing this goal?

10. Clutter.  Lack of focus.

Out minds may be cluttered with ideas or our desks and homes cluttered with paper and objects.  Clutter disrupts our focus.  Instead start by dumping all those thoughts in you head on paper and or cleaning off your desk or clearing out the clutter.

Fear,  the underlying reason why we fail to reach our goals.

Fear keeps us playing small,from reaching our goals,  from shining too brightly or stuck, frozen an overwhelmed.  We have fear of failure and fear of success.   Instead face the fear and do it anyway.

Most have us one of more of these or other reasons that keep us from reaching our goals. Coaching can help to gain clarity on the goals you want and the courage and confidence to make it happen.