Amy Barnes, Life Coach

Amy Barnes, Life Coach

Yes,  Most people at some time in their life could benefit from a life coach to empower them to get unstuck or back on track.  Just as in any profession, life coaches come in a variety of sizes, styles, training, background and focus.  How we each work and the tools we bring to the table are each different.

Are You a Good Candidate for Life Coaching?

My ideal clients are inquisitive,  introspective and are ready to take one or more areas of their life to the next level but they may feel stuck or overwhelmed or just not sure the best way to get from point A to Point B. My best Life Coaching clients come with a sense of openness and willingness.   Often as  Life Coach I empower clients to Dream Big and to gain clarity on what they most want in their life.  Often I work with clients in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas such as Carmel or Fishers and I also work with clients via the telephone or Skype.

 How Would I benefit from Life Coaching?

My clients want to be happy, to have more joy in their lives.  They want to feel a sense of meaning and purpose and that they are making a difference in the world.  They have questions and concerns regarding their careers,  their relationships and often their health or their spirituality.  As a Life Coach with a varied background I work with clients on a variety of issues.

My main objective as a Life Coach is to empower my clients to be fully themselves and to own their power and realize that they can create what they most want in the world.  “Jane”  has always felt she had to please others first.  She’s loyal, hard-working and has for years taken care of others to the detriment of herself.  Yesterday she was at first in tears and then a big smile came over her face.  She looked at me and said,   “it’s okay for me to choose what I want to do.”  revelation.  Light bulb.  Transformative moment.  Yes she could own her power,  she could choose what she wanted to do.  She had so much more to offer than she realized she was playing small instead of using all her gifts and talents.

What Sets You apart as a Life Coach?

As a Life Coach I empower clients to trust their inner wisdom,  to trust their gut.  We see easily give up our power by allowing others to make decisions for us. I use a unique cutting edge body centered coaching that allows for quick, lasting and powerful transformation that I learned through my training with the Hendricks Institute. Together we focus on practical bite sized steps to follow through and turn your dreams into reality.

My expertise as a listener in creating a safe place to discuss sensitive issues is valued by my clients.  I see possibilities in people and can empower clients to turn those possibilities into realities.

A recent client told me,  “ I did not think change was possible,  now after working with you I know it is.