Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?
Expect your time to be valued and used well because we will go quickly to your core issues. Often people come to me who have experienced other coaches or therapists because they are interested in making powerful permanent transformations in multiple areas of their lives. You can expect a whole brain, whole body learning that quickly goes to core issues allowing for powerful yet gentle and playful transformation.

Is coaching the same as therapy?
No, although there are many similarities. Coaching is generally seen as moving forward taking action to move toward a goal. Therapy is generally seen as resolving issues or problems from the past or dealing with current mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Therapy focuses on resolving and healing issues from the past coaching empowers you to take action to move forward with your life. There is overlap. My primary focus is to allow you to move from where you are to where you want to be to create a life you love, a life of joy!

What makes a great coaching client?
Clients who come with a willingness, openness and honesty get the best results. The most important ingredient you can bring to create the changes you want and to create the life you most want is willingness. Creating transformation in your life may not always be easy but then you’re not interested in staying small but interested in playing big, in making big transformative changes in your life, one practical baby step at a time. I ask that you be honest. I ask that you come with an openness and a willingness. Often discussing what you least want to reveal allows the breakthrough that you most want.

Do you see couples?

Can I use Health insurance?

Although I am trained as a mental health counselor, (and a certified coach and an MBA) coaching is not mental health counseling and thus is not reimbursable through mental health insurance. I use all the tools and resources that I have in my toolbox from a variety of training and experience to allow you to feel empowered, confident in who you are, comfortable in your own skin able to trust your inner wisdom and create the life of your dreams including career, relationships, and health and spiritual issues.

Coaching is an out of pocket cost.  We use our discretionary income in many ways.  It is our choice.  Are you willing to spend money on yourself?  You are worth it!

What I don’t do:

Tell you what to do. I want to empower you to make the decisions that are best for you. I consider you to be an expert on you. Instead of telling you what to do, I want you to trust your gut, find your own voice, to know what is right for you, to listen for and trust your own inner wisdom.

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