Ask The Coach with Amelia Barnes: Stress and Self Care

Ask the Coach
Stress and Self Care

Tuesday March 28
Noon to 1:00 PM EDT
Registration Required



Join Amelia for this FREE online workshop.  First will be a brief presentation on stress and self-care and then plenty of time to ask your questions.


How do you balance taking of yourself with the needs of others and the world?

It’s so easy to put ourselves last, and then we find ourselves running on empty.

What one thing you could differently today?

There will be plenty of time for questions.

What would you like to ask?

Join Coach Amelia Barnes and ask your questions.

Register for this FREE call and email me your questions.  I’ll give a short talk featuring a hands on tool you can put to use in your life today to empower you to thrive in all areas of your life.  Then I’ll answer your questions staring with those submitted ahead of time and then answer your questions live on line.



Amelia Barnes empowers women in midlife to end to relationship drama and self-sabotaging behaviors, to reclaim their power and rediscover their meaning and purpose.  She supports clients in making difficult life decisions, such as should I go or stay in my relationship and what do I want to create in the next chapter of my life. She encourages clients to let go of people pleasing and perfectionistic behaviors that have gotten in their way. Clients release negative inner voices and limiting beliefs allowing them to gain clarity and confidence in who they are and what they want. With over twenty years experience, as both a counselor and a certified life and relationship coach, Amelia inspires women to trust their inner wisdom, be their authentic self and thrive.