Audrey will complete her masters in nursing in 2018. She is married, has three small children and finds herself easily distracted.  She came to me for coaching to help keep her focused and on track. How do we keep all those balls in the air? We spent time sorting out what was most important to her at this point in her life.  What did she want in all areas of her life? From that she needed to decide what was necessary to keep her grounded, balanced, and on track and prevent burn out.  What will keep her focused and not distracted?   Structure can support us in claiming our power and accomplishing our goals.

Disorganization and Distraction

How we use our time says a lot about us.  We do best when we listen to our actions, not our words.  If I said I was committed to my business but I used my writing time to look at Facebook, read my email, clean the kitchen and then get another cup of Earl Grey tea, then I wouldn’t get my work tasks done during work time.  I would end up playing solitaire in frustration. I often did not have a clear set of tasks for the day. As a result, I’d either delay my work tasks to the following day or week or find myself working during my down time.

Creative Types Can Thrive On Structure

Work and play and household tasks for a solo entrepreneur or a mother with young children easily become all mixed up.  I talked about wanting to exercise, but it was low on my priority list and seldom happened.  I am not one of those naturally organized people.  I’m by nature ADHD and disorganized and somewhat of a hoarder.  I was never able to accomplish my goals.

As a solopreneur and creative type, I often work with midlife women who have the same issues of being focused and on target. As a creative type, I have in the past hated structure.  I felt that structure limited my freedom and now I see structure as allowing me to have more time to be free. Now I see structure as an ally, a good friend. In fact, I see structure as a superpower.  I have learned how to create structure that benefits me.  Creating structure has allowed me to simplify my life. I have a plan, a structure that works for me, not against me.

Structure Is My New Superpower

I hated structure because I felt structure was something imposed by others. Structure, my way, is my new best friend. When I have the right structure in my life, I feel excited.  I know what the day holds, and of course, I like it because I am the one who created it.  I know that today at 4:30 I will go to the gym and do strength training.  Not because I love strength training but because for me it is a keystone habit and I know that I have made time for me and for my goal of taking care of my body and I will feel terrific afterward!

Make Structure Your Superpower

Structure is the secret weapon to accomplishing our goals. Look at your schedule.  Make room for you, for what is important to you.  Create a structure that allows you time to complete your goals, to make your dreams come true.  Create structure your way on your terms. Make time to play, to renew and take care of yourself. Make structure your new superpower! Own your power. With structure as your ally, you can live life your way, on your terms.

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