What are you thankful for?

When we focus our attention on what we are thankful for, what we are thankful for grows. Remember the last time you bought a car? The last time I bought a car, and I am not into cars, I found myself suddenly noticing the make and model of numerous different cars. We have the choice to focus on what we lack, and our focus on lack will only bring more lack into our lives. The opposite of being empowered is being stuck in a place of gloom and doom. How do we move from gloom and doom to empowered?

Sometimes, it’s hard to find the good.

I’m still breathing may be as good as it gets in the moment. Recently I worked with a client who was discouraged by the surgery she was facing. We focused on a list a feel-good affirmations that raised her spirits and shifted her energy. No that won’t solve all her problems, but it will keep her from going down the gloom and doom rabbit how of worry. It can be easy to get caught in a downward spiral of doubts and what ifs.

Your heart may be heavy from recent events or losses. You may find you have good reason to be mad at the word but holding onto your anger does not serve you well.

Invitation or Imposition?

As we go through our day, how we judge a situation can have a tremendous impact on how we feel. Is waiting in line an imposition or an invitation to slow down, to take a few deep breaths and contemplate what you appreciate in the moment? Most situations are neither good nor bad, and it’s how we respond to them that makes the difference.

By midlife, we may be set in our ways or open to personal and professional growth. Yes, we can improve the quality of our life and the level of our happiness in the age. Appreciating what is, seeing the positive in the situation can make a tremendous this difference and how we feel about ourselves and the world. We don’t have to get stuck in a “gloom and doom” scenario.

Taking action moves us forward

When we feel caught in that web of gloom and doom taking action makes a difference. As Stephen Covey says, when we focus on what we can control, what we can control grows. When we are facing a challenge or something has happened that causes great pain, I invite you to look for anything no matter how small that you can appreciate.

Looking at what we can appreciate, at the positive no matter how small helps us move into a place to take positive action. Look for the things you can appreciate. See whatever’s happened as an invitation, not an imposition and then take an action, any action.

From Stuck to Empowered

I invite you to move forward. Make a list of those things you can control, action steps you can take no matter how small. Take one small action today in the next hour.

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