What are you doing to take care of you this summer? Summer activities and vacations with friends and family are wonderful yet can leave us drained instead of energized. Did you ever feel you needed to take a vacation to rest up after your vacation?Is your summer vacation working for you, not just everyone else?  People pleasers and perfectionist tend to not give themselves a break even when they are on vacation. They still feel the need to make sure everyone else is having a good time, sometimes even at their own expense.

Make sure your vacation or your weekend includes some time for doing what you want. Don’t just spend your time pleasing others by doing what they want. Ask for what you want before the weekend or the vacation. Remember to ask what is important to others as well. People pleasers need summer vacations too.

Plan time without electronic devices. We have become addicted to our phones, tablets, computers, games and even Pokémon Go. There is nothing wrong with these yet stay in control of how you use these. Don’t let them control you. Constantly being at the mercy of electronic devices drains our energy and shortens our attention spans. Read a book, play a board game, have a girls night out or take a walk in nature.

Balance time with others with time for yourself. We each need a different balance and we each need both. Becoming isolated or losing connection with others is not good but spending all our time with others and not reconnecting with ourselves is not good either.

People Pleasers Need Summer Vacations Too

Listen to your inner voice, that inner wisdom inside you to decide what is right for you. So many of us have stopped listening to ourselves, to what we need, instead, we get caught up in what we feel others want and need. We revert to people pleasing and perfectionism to take care of others and making sure we do everything just right. It’s time to take care of you!

Be open to what you want to happen in the moment. Enjoy! Listen to your inner wisdom, trust yourself to make decisions that are right for you. Send that people pleaser part of you on holiday and enjoy your summer vacation.

How much of a people pleaser are you?

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