Who is the real you, your authentic self?

Years ago, I used to watch, To Tell The Truth.  The premise was that three individuals all pretended to be some little-known person with an impressive career or hobby. Four panelists would ask these people questions and then had to guess who was real and not the impostor.  The moderator would always say after the panelists had made their guesses, “Will the real (fill in the name) please stand up.”  Sometimes I feel like I am having that conversation with myself.  Who is the real me?  Some masks we wear, our personas, are useful to us, others are not.  All masks hide our authentic self. Will The Real You Please Stand Up?

Who is the real me?

For years, no for decades, I thought that small fearful and scared of people part of me was the only me. I knew that part of me well, that part of me that needed to stay small and safe. When I felt challenged or threatened, I did one of two things. I either lashed out with angry in a way that kept others at a distance or I isolated and ignored them, pretending they would go away. Sort of like the US’s foreign policy before WWII of sticking our heads in the sand and pretending the problems would just blow over.

Who is the real you?

Many of my clients fail to see their own greatness.  They think that part of themselves that needs to stay safe and play small is who they are.  They feel they only have worth then they are taking care of others – people pleasing – or doing everything just right – perfectionism.

When we get stuck in people pleasing and perfectionism, we believe there is not enough money, not enough food, or not enough love to go around.  We believe that to survive we must take care of others or be as perfect as possible so that we could have enough love, enough money or even in some cases enough food to survive.  The burden of pleasing others and being perfect becomes too much. We feel isolated and alone.

Time to take off our masks

We play small. We discount our gifts and talents believing that we are not good enough. We wear a mask that hides all the amazing things we have to offer ourselves, others and the world.

This way of being in the world, this mask, which keeps us safe and small eventually starts corroding, like car bodies exposed to too much winter salt in the snowy Indiana winter. I did not see this as a mask. I saw this as my true self. Now I know that I no longer have to wear this mask, that my true self is not a victim of circumstances, or a victim of the past or a victim at all.

Will The Real You Please Stand Up

Our highest self is our true self.  Our highest self, our authentic self, is more talented, capable and powerful than we imagine.  

Maybe it’s time to take a good hard look at your own gifts and talents. It’s time to take off our masks and be our authentic selves. We are much more than we give ourselves credit forOur real self is our authentic self. Will The Real You Please Stand Up?

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