Why learning to shift may be the most important move you’ll ever make.

So what does it mean to shift, from what to what?

You know those days, you have trouble getting out of bed, and you just want to crawl right back under the covers. And, you don’t know how you are going to make it through the day when you can’t even make it out of bed.

Or the day started off well, but you have a flat tire, the dog threw up and a client points out you have on one black shoe and one blue shoe (Yes it has happened to me.) Or you just find yourself in a bad mood for no good reason

Or maybe you are feeling sad or angry or scared or frustrated, and that voice in your head is just going round and round with worry. The voice lets you know how much you either messed up or soon will. Or something goes wrong, and you find yourself beating yourself up.

Sometimes we don’t know what causes us to drift from a good place to that feeling small yucky place, “the drift.”  We may find ourselves stuck in that drift for hours, days, weeks or even months.  Wouldn’t you love to know that just because you are there does not mean you have to stay there.  

Recognizing the Drift

Before we can shift, we have to recognize the drift, not just in our heads, but in our bodies, hearts and souls. 

We want to ignore the drift. We try to push it down and ignore those feelings. We say positive affirmations and try to make ourselves believe them when all the time our body is saying no.

Don’t ignore the drift, do the opposite make it bigger. Pay attention to the tension in our bodies, the feelings of not being good enough or perfect enough or a sense of resignation that this is as good as it gets. Let the drift know you are listening. Give the drift the same attention you would to a teething toddler. Let it know you hear it.

Shift is a move that gets us out of that yucky feeling place in a way that is reliable. We don’t have to stay in that yucky place – “the drift.” We often stay there because we are too embarrassed to admit even to ourselves that we are in that yucky place – the drift. Or we don’t have an awareness of what to do to get back to the good feeling place.

The Power to Shift

Shift. The best move you’ll ever make, over and over.

My magic wand is my ability to shift, to leave the dark place and switch to a place of self-love, being in the moment, in the present, where all things are possible. It’s taken me years to be able to reliable shift. But then I can be a very slow learner.

As part of my coaching training with the Hendricks Institute we spend much time focusing on how to shift. I was so embarrassed for feeling so bad that I was reluctant to admit how bad felt. I felt so wrong for feeling so bad and then I beat myself up some more. Ironically it is only in admitting and owning those unloved parts of ourselves that we can shift.

Shift moves, they are called shift moves for a reason, because they take us out of that yucky place to a place of peace and joy. When I am out of the drama, I feel expanded whole, connected and at one with the universe.

There are a number of shift moves: breathing and moving help us to shift as does laughter. Shifting is not something we can do in our heads. The shift is a body-centered, heart felt move. The shifts are not permanent. Just as the tide goes in and out, we shift, we drift, we shift again.

The good news is that the more we practice shifting the easier it becomes. We begin to feel more comfortable in the open spacious uncertain place where all things are possible than the small box that keeps us safe and small.

I own how hard it has been for me to shift, to get out of my own dark, small safe box to the open spacious place of connection and joy. The good new is that, if I can do it, anybody can do it. All change starts with a willingness.

It’s not been easy. It has been hard and has taken many years. Most people get it much sooner than I did. And I am still a work in progress, I still have my drift moments when I feel low and not worth it. I now know how to shift and what a difference it has made in my life!

I want this for you: to face those inner dragons, those feeling of inadequacy, of fear, drama, and adrenaline running and coursing through our veins and shift. Life does not have to be like that. We don’t have to stay stuck in the drift. We have the power to shift. It’s an internal process; it’s never dependent on what is happening outside us. Just like the ruby slippers, learning to shift can bring us home to our greatness, to who we truly are anytime we desire.

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