What would life be like if you stopped outsourcing your happiness?  Happiness is an inside job.  We want to find the perfect man, woman, job, career or opportunity to make us happy.  What if you stopped looking outside yourself to find happiness and started looking inside, reclaiming your own passion and joy.

Finding Happiness

During the summer, I love the festivals and plays.  They make me happy.  One such event is the annual Indy Fringe Festival.  Indianapolis has one of the largest Fringe festivals in the world.  A ten day event with 63 different one hour, non juried shows from local productions to international shows. The one hour shows include drama, comedy, storytelling, improv, music and magic ranging from G to R rated.  I loved every minute watching, writing, talking with actors and sharing comments and critiques with friends and fellow theater goers.
A friend comes alive at the state fair.  She goes half a dozen times to experience all the sights and sounds and tastes and one of those days I go with her.  You may have a favorite event, fair or festival that makes you happpy.

Is it okay to be this happy?

Like many of you my life had become far to mundane.  I felt passionate and alive. Is it okay to be this happy?  What if I could feel that alive and passionate every day.  What would my life be like?  What would your life be like?  I’m now wondering how to bring that sense of aliveness and passion back to my everyday live.  I want to feel this good and alive every day.
What brings that sense of aliveness and wonder to you?  What if you could include more of that feeling everyday?  You can you know.  Life does not have to be hard difficult and miserable.  We do not have to live laugh full of drama as either the villain or the victim or the hero.

How Will You Choose to Spend Your Days?

The end of each of our plays is unwritten.  We have the power to change the next act and to change the ending. Each one of us chooses how we spend our time.  As Annie Dillard, a very colorful character in our college coffee shop as she was getting her masters and I my undergrad degree,  says, “How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives.”  

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