Living your best life starts, begins and ends with you. No matter where you go, no matter what you encounter you are there. Your ability to navigate a wide range of circumstances and know what you want out of each is vital.   So, how do you make decisions without regret, without second guessing yourself?

Do you know what is most important to you? Sometimes it’s quite clear. We have one great option and one that’s not so great. Choices like that are wonderful. Sometimes we just feel stuck and don’t know which way to go.

Sarah was applying to grad school. She had done her homework, scored well on the GMAT and was accepted at several schools. She was delighted to be accepted but confused because she liked the schools for very different reasons. She finally narrowed her choice to two schools, quite different in major ways including location, focus of the program, size of school, and the way the courses were taught. We went through several coaching sessions – a variety of questions to determine which was the best fit for her. Ideally, she wanted half of what one had to offer and half what the other had to offer.

We looked at Sarah’s values, her lifestyle, and her ultimate goals. I am not sure if in Sarah’s shoes I would have made the same decision, but it didn’t matter because Sarah and I are at different stages of life and in the moment wanted and valued different things. Sarah was confident she had made the right choice and I was thrilled for her.

She did her homework, knew her values and what was important to her regarding her lifestyle, her study habits and a number of other factors that weighed in on her final decision.

Working with Sarah as a coach was rewarding because Sarah was willing to do her homework. She took the time to figure out who she was and what was most important to her. The choice Sarah made fits her perfectly. I feel certain that she will have no regrets.  Sarah had clarity in who she was and what she wanted and she was confident in her decision.

How to Make Decisions You Won’t Regret

Seven questions to help you gain clarity:

1. What is most important to you? Consider your values and your lifestyle.
2. What factors don’t matter even if they matter to others?
3. What is in alignment with who you are, your authentic self?
4. Which choice plays to your strengths – yes you need to know what your strengths are.
5. Which choice supports and provides assistance with your weaknesses.
6. Which choice will you be glad you made in ten years?
7. Is there anything else you need to know or ask to make your decision?

One More Question: The Deal Maker or Deal Breaker

What does your gut say? Sometimes all the facts line up but you get this gnawing feeling in your gut that something is not right. Trust that feeling. Inside us we have the best GPS system in the world. We just need to learn how to use it. So many times I have worked with women who did not trust that feeling and lived to regret their decisions. Decisions are best made when we use both our hearts and our heads – our full capacity for reasoning and our full body wisdom.

Sarah had two wonderful options to choose from. Sometimes decisions are tough because we feel there are no good options. Sometimes the best option may be one we are not even aware of. As a Life Coach, I support women in sorting out what is most important to them so they can make decisions that are just right.

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