By midlife, the vast majority of us have experienced one or more major life transitions: the death of a loved one, spouse or parent, divorce, loss of a job or even a move across the country. In some way, our dreams have been dashed our hearts were broken or both. We may feel a big sense of feeling beaten down, discontent or stuck. We realize that the life we are living is not the life we had planned.How do we develop resiliency in life transitions?

What Defines You?

What defines you is not the event or thing that happened, but how you chose to deal with it. You always have choices even if at the moment everything feels beyond your control. Your choices, how you choose to deal with life transitions does define you. The actions you take or choose not to take, determine your future. Resiliency is defined as your ability to bounce back from problems. For some of this is naturally the case, some of us are by the luck of the draw born and nurtured in a way that we are naturally and nurtured to be more resilient, yet this is a quality that we can all increase. We can ask for help. We can turn major life transitions into bumps in the road.

Sometimes the actions seem to be too hard, too big and overwhelming, so we stay stuck, paralyzed. Life may even seem to go on without us. Making a choice, a commitment to somehow come out better on the other side is a choice we each can make. The choice was made thousands of years ago in the story of Joseph, sold by his brothers, later imprisoned by a Pharaoh, and later to become the Pharaoh’s chief advisor, and then reconnecting with and saving his family.

Developing Resiliency In Life Transitions

Merely making the hard choices to survive, to make a difference, to find love or to live a life filled with peace and joy can see monumental. We don’t have to know how. All we need is willingness. We can ask for help. We can do the simplest next action step no matter how tiny to move us forward.

Yes, no matter what has happened in the past, you can not only survive but thrive at any stage in your life and that is very good news indeed. Yes, you can bounce back and develop resiliency in life transitions.

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