Okay so where do I start today. The same place I started yesterday. Yuck, the same place, I was just there yesterday.  I love projects because I do them.  They are done.  Finished.  Complete!  There is a completed document, a presentation or even tomatoes from my garden. But maintaining a clean house is endless. I’ve committed to first get the physical clutter under control. The stuff on my kitchen counters and hiding in the corners of my living room and the piles on the dining room table are still there. I made a dent in them in day 1. My first goal is to unclutter and maintain the main living areas of my house. I’m a very good starter but if I going to keep this up I need start where I started yesterday with the kitchen sink.

My kitchen checklist:

  1. Put away any food
  2. Unload dishwasher
  3. Load dishwasher
  4. Put away any clean dishing on drying rack
  5. Wash any dirty dishes or put in dishwasher
  6. Clear off counter to the right of my sink
  7. Clear off counter to the left of my sink.
  8. Continue to go left around the kitchen uncluttering counters as I go
  9. Wipe counters clean
  10. Pick up any other items on floor or in sitting area of kitchen
  11. Sweep floor if necessary
  12. If time remains move to dining area.

Yea that’s structure. I used to really HATE structure but then I realized that sometimes I could put it I place to support me. Structure is merely small efforts repeated day in and day out.  Not having to think about what I am doing in the kitchen allows me to move quickly through this task. Each day I can go a little further in the twenty minutes or allotted time that I have for uncluttering my life each day. As Robert Collier born in 1885 and author of classic self-help and positive thinking book, The Secret of the Ages, said:

Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out. Robert Collier

Success is the sum of small efforts. Yes baby steps, taken over and over add up to big results. So here we are at  and once again I start with the kitchen sink. A little easier and a little faster and a little more done today than yesterday.

You may or may not choose to focus on the kitchen as a starting place. Go with the areas of clutter that bug you the most. Or you may spend the entire month in the kitchen. Think about what your goals for uncluttering you life in 31 days are. I like starting with the kitchen because seeing a clean kitchen sink is such an easy way to feel good.

Photo Credit: cuantofalta via Compfight cc

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