Sidetracked Home ExecutivesI am writing Day 6 On Sunday night,  exhausted from the organizing, too much of anything is not a good thing. I felt like I worked all weekend so I need to lighten up. My car is happily parked in the garage.  Two days of sorting and uncluttering and I need a break.  Today,  being Monday morning,  the day you will read this, I’ll just do my twenty minutes of maintenance.  If you have other family members at home it’s time to get them involved in the daily and weekly maintenance activities.

Years ago on my one rather successful attempt at home organizing and cleaning came after reading Sidetracked Home Executives by  two sisters, Pam Young and Peggy Jones.  They turned their disorganization into a full time and rather successful business.  They prided that you are the CEO of your own home.  What you ultimately want your home to look like and to feel like is up to you.

Clarity with Three by Five Cards

Pam and Peggy literally and figuratively cleaned up their act.  They used a system of three by five cards to remind themselves what needed to be done.  They claimed that those who are born organized do not need such a system because they automatically remember everything but that the rest of it need it.  I agree.  I find that the three by five cards are great for involving other family members.

When my kids were at home, I put each task on a three by five card that was to be done during a designated cleaning time.   The tasks were simple,  unload the dishwasher,  vacuum the living room etc.  I then put them in several different stacks.  The A stack – unload the dishwasher and pick up the toys in the lining room needed to be done before the B Stack – Load the dishwasher and vacuum the living room floor.  We kept working together until all the tasks on the cards had been completed.  Simple.  I like simple.  Now it’s just me and the do and the only task that he does routinely or to see that I take a walk everyday.

There secret to being organized they say is, “Make it fun and It will get done.”  Catchy.  I rather like it.  Sort of like Mary Poppins and “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Both are true.

More Clarity with Three by Five Cards

Plus I love three by five cards for keeping a list of my daily tasks and grocery list, errands etc.  Keeps me focused.  I know what to do next and I am so much more productive. After all this is just one more tool, one more bite sized action step for creating the life you love.

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