The Four Pillars of Integrity form a foundation for my work as a Big Leap Coach with the Hendricks Institute, based on 38 books written by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks and their focus on integrity and listening to the body.  Yes, I have learned a quick, cutting edge, easy and fun way for personal growth and transformation. I love using Hendricks tools with coaching clients. Recently, I had the privilege of spending time with Kathlyn Hendricks and eight other members of the Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Community.

What I most appreciate at this time is the friendships, the international community and way of living I have gained from my years of study as a coach and a graduate of their Leadership and Transformation program.  Each of us has committed to living by what we call the Four Pillars of Integrity.  We have committed to walk our talk, to be an example of the work  – or play  – as it always feels when we are together.

The Four Pillars of Integrity take us out of the drama of the everyday world to a place of increased creativity,  connection and a feeling of overall aliveness.  Yes, I have committed to feeling good each day and I like it!  So what are these Four Pillars of Integrity?

Emotional Literacy

You’ve heard about the value of Emotional IQ, EQ, and how valuable it is in relationship to our at work.  The first step in having Emotional IQ is to be able to reliable notice what you are feeling.  If you are aware of your feelings then you get to choose what to do or how to respond to them.  In this moment what do you notice in your body?  Are you mad, sad glad or scared or some combination?  When you can reliably notice what you are feeling, then you have the power to choose what to do with your feelings.  When you are not aware of your feeling, you become at the effect of them.

Healthy Response-ability

Are you willing to shift from defensiveness to openness?  Are you willing to take 100% responsibility not more, not less?  If you take more than 100% responsibility, you to control others.  If you take less, you give up your power.  When you take more than 100% responsibility you control others and no one likes to be controlled.  When you take less than 100% responsibility you act as a victim and outsource your power to others,  Learning to take 100% responsibility, no more, no less,  for your actions and what you create in life is a key component of a happy healthy life.

Impeccable Agreements

Do you make clear agreements? Can you say no to agreements you do not want?  Do you make agreements for others without their consent or do you agree to agreements that you don’t want? Before doing this work I often thought I had made clear agreements.  They were clear to me but not to the others involved.  Clear agreements mean clear to everyone involved.

Clear Communication

Can you listen with appreciation and speak from discovery from what is true at the moment.  Instead of listening do you rehearse what you are going to say or not listen or make assumptions?  Do you speak in a way that is transparent and not concealing?  You statements are never used in clear communication and always end up frustrating the other.  Clear communication involves being able to clearly state how you feel and what you want.

The Four Pillars of Integrity

Since learning the four pillars of integrity and using them on a daily basis, I now feel comfortable with myself, my relationships have deepened.  There is far less drama and more time for creativity and joy.  What would your life be like with more joy and aliveness, less drama, deeper connections and increased creativity?  Practicing the four pillars on a daily basis is not always easy, but the rewards are well worth the effort.



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