What do you do with those negative voices in your head? You know the ones that tell you you’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or that in all sort of ways you’re not as good as or not like other people.

We all have those voices from time to time. The question becomes how much do they interfere with your daily life. Do they keep you from taking risks or doing the things you love or are they merely an annoyance that sneak up once and a while?

Our negative voices are useful for making sure we haven’t neglected something important. But most of the time they just keep us stuck: doubting ourselves and destroying our self-confidence. Success Or Failure:  becomes out choice. “Sarah” (not her real name) had dreams of starting an organic farm along with several other women. She knew the work would be long and hard, but she loved to garden. She wanted her time to be her own instead of working for others on their time schedule. She had dreams and could see herself picking tomatoes and herbs. She loved having her hands in the dirt and being outside alone with her thoughts. She envisioned flowers, beehives and honey. As long as this was just a dream, Sara was fine. The moment she started looking at property, crunching the numbers, and determining what would make this feasible, she became overwhelmed.

Did “Sarah” succeed?

The answer is both Yes and No. Over the years as a coach I have worked with many “Sarahs” each with their own dreams and ambitions. Some were so stuck in their fear and their doubts that they were unwilling to let go and to move forward. My heart hurts for those who are so stuck they can’t let go and make room for the new, for the future they most want.  Staying stuck as a victim in life is no fun.

For the “Sarah’s “ who succeed, I feel a tremendous sense of joy. Although they did not know how to navigate those obstacles and negative voices in their heads, they came to coaching with a willingness. It wasn’t always easy. They just keep moving, baby step after baby step. Sometimes falling, sometimes succeeding but always willing to pick themselves up and move on. It takes commitment, courage, confidence and consistency.

Which “Sarah” are you?

Have you given up on your dreams? Do you constantly sabotage yourself or believe that you are not worth it? Or, have you even given up dreaming because, why bother; it’s not worth it?  There is no magic bullet for success. 

Are you that “Sarah” that is willing to do what it takes, that has the willingness to succeed in both your personal and professional life no matter what it takes?

Success Or Failure:  Your Choice

It’s your choice. You get to choose. Which path will you take?

If you are willing to succeed in both your personal and professional life, I can help. Coaching is a way of taking you from where you are now to where you most want to be. If you’re willing to move forward, send me an email at Amelia@inneroutcomes.com to see if coaching can support you in making your dreams come true. I look forward to hearing from you.

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