Are your habits supporting you in creating the life you most want, or are you your habits derailing you? I see myself as a creative, innovative type. I love to try new things and never do exactly the same thing twice. I want to innovate, improvise and always to try to do things better. I saw habits and routines as boring and more of a curse than a help. I now know that habit and routine can be just the opposite, building healthy habits and routines not only supports me but can also support you in creating the life you most want.  What would you like to create in the next chapter of your life?  Habits can help you make it happen.

Create Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits sustains us, keep us motivated and moving forward toward achieving our goals even when we do not feel like it. First, we need to dream big, think about what we most want to create and then decide by our habits and routines how committed we are to make that happen.

Steve Jobs and the Black Turtleneck

After a visit to Sony in Japan, Jobs learned that uniforms were first provided so workers would be guaranteed something to wear and then kept, because the uniform helped company employees to bond with each other According to Isaacson, he wanted both the convenience of not having to pick out a new outfit each day, and the “ability to convey a signature style.” Steve Jobs first started wearing his iconic black mock turtlenecks from St. Croix Shop, a boutique men’s clothing store in Minnesota in 1998. He is said to have had over 100 of these black mock turtlenecks. As he said once in an interview, “enough to last me the rest of my life.” One less thing for him to think about. One less thing to take his attention away from the creative force behind Apple.

Create Habits That Are Right For You

You may not want to wear the same thing every day. That is fine. What simple routines and simple habits can you put into place to simplify your life. Or is your life so structured that there is no time for spontaneity, for free time to relax or to just have fun? Are your habits and routine serving you well or do you feel at the effect of too much routine? Will you benefit from putting additional habits and routines in place or decreasing your habits and routines? Only you can know for sure. After all, you are the best authority on your life.

Small Changes Create Healthy Habits

Habits can be like Small Changes that Lead to Big Results.  Change one thing and follow through.  Persistence.  Keep doing it day after day and see what happens.  Think about one thing that would make the biggest difference in your life.  Perhaps a change in our morning routine or blocking off an hour each day to move forward on long-term projects or each day making a list of the three most important things to accomplish each day and do them.


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