Joseph Campbell was a twentieth century scholar and expert on myths and legends, and is know for his development of an understanding of all these myths and legends through, “The hero’s Journey, ” an understanding of the Jouney that  these mythical hero’s went through.  George Lucas credits him with a major influence in his Star wars series of movies.  George Lucas with his own recent marriage may be setting out on a new Hero’s Journey.

My feeling is that we each have the opportunity to stay safe, to play small and settle for our lot in life. This is what most of us do. We fail to explore, to use or gifts and talents and we stay small fearful to dream big or to even state what we most want. We live as passive observers in our own life instead of active participants.

Heroes Do The Opposite.

Hero’s by circumstance are a burning desire are compelled are to make the world a better place for themselves or others or both. It is not that they have more gifts or talents than the rest of us. What they do have is courage. Heroes have courage to leap into the unknown, to take risks. Heroes become caught up in ideas and dreams much bigger than themselves and much bigger than they are able to accomplish on their own.

What is a Hero’s Journey?

  • The decision to start. Luke Skywalker was forced to set out on a Hero’s Journey. His house was burned by the Storm Troopers and his aunt and uncle killed. Like many hero’s both real and imaginary, he started as an unwilling participant.
  • Next heroes leave the known world. They are willing to leave what is safe behind.
  • For many heroes a mentor then appears. Such as Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi for young Luke Skywalker.
  • Hero’s learn new ways of being in the world – not all of us become Jedi Nights – and champion causes that are bigger than ourselves.
  • Hero’s are forever transformed. They become bigger, bolder, more confident versions of themselves.

What Hero’s Journey is calling you?

What Hero’s Journey is calling you? Is there a calling or a restlessness deep inside you for something more? This calling or desire may have become buried so deep inside you that its flame is now barely a burning ember. You may feel overwhelmed by life and are or even aware of your dreams and your desires. It’s possible to reignite that flame, to rediscover your passion to that burning desire that lives deep inside you.

What If You Followed the Call?

How would you life be different if you followed that call? As a coach I inspire clients to rediscover their dreams, that buried treasure deep inside them. As your coach, I could walk beside you as you followed your own Hero’s Journey.

May the force be with you as you set out on your own Hero’s Journey.


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