What Are You Committed to This Weekend?


Commit to some fun!

Sometimes Friday night comes and I want to do in sit on the couch and veg. In short, all I want to do absolutely nothing.  True, we all need some times like that.  It’s winter: it’s wet and damp and dreary.  Yet you do not have to be at the effect of the weather or anything else outside of you.

How You Choose to Show Up is Up to You

What could you do right now to make this a GREAT weekend.  Perhaps you’re thinking,  “I can’t. I promised to clean the basement and I HATE that.”  (I actually need to work on taxes this weekend,  so this pep talk is partly a reminder to myself!)  Well put on some music and dance while you do it or order in pizza to celebrate what you’ve done.  You may need to clean the basement but there are no laws that say you must be miserable while you are doing it.  Being miserable is optional.  No blaming other people Monday morning for having a rotten weekend.  What kind of weekend are you committed to having?

How do You Prepare for the Weekend?

Are you a planner or are you a wait and we’ll see what turns up?  Both planning and spontaneity have merits.  My recommendation is to go for a little of both – planning ensures you don’t waste away the weekend, and yet some of the best opportunities can be missed if plans are too rigid.  Are you planning something fun?  Check out Indy Events or a link for events happening in your city if you are looking for ideas.  Have you thought about helping out a busy friend or family member with unexpected act of appreciation, such as cooking dinner, helping them clean, or just popping by to show some support? Maybe one day they’ll return the favor!

Be committed to a GREAT Weekend!

I encourage you to make a commitment right now.  You’ll feel empowered and in control when you decide how to spend your weekend and how you choose to feel.  Be proactive!  What kind of weekend do you want to have?  How do you want to feel.  Take responsibility, and remember is it all up to you!




About Amelia Barnes, Life and Relationship Coach

With over twenty years experience, Certified Life Coach Amelia Barnes empowers women in midlife to take charge of their life. You’ve read self help books and tried other approaches. Amelia’s work is not for beginners but those ready and willing to create the life of their dreams. Her work is playful, intuitive and delves deep allowing not just surface changes but powerful work to transform your life and create what you most want with clarity, courage and confidence. Are you ready for a change? Contact Amelia at Amelia@inneroutcomes.com. Empowering Women in Life, Love and Leadership.